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Lexicon was an odd book. Not that I didn’t love it, ultimately, because I did – it was just quirky.

There were two points in the book that I thought eh …. Do I want to finish this? Partially because I’ve gotten spoiled by having such easy, open access to books with the Kindle (and scads of birthday Amazon money to burn – O Amazon, those funds will be all too soon gone …) and partially because I was genuinely at a point in the book where I thought, wait – what?

But I soldiered on, for two reasons (and man, I was glad I did). One, I think it’s really an unattractive trait to toss something aside because of a momentary confusion and two, I really found myself wanting to see what happened. I confess to laying my Kindle down and taking a break from reading to do something around the house, but I found my mind idly returning to the book, wondering what was going on. That for me is a real measure of how engaging I find a book, the fact that I think about the characters as if they are people I know and care about.

Emily was someone I rooted for. I didn’t mind one bit that she was scuffed up, needy and sometimes a hot mess. She had a vulnerability I found endearing and I seriously cared what happened to her.

Will affected me in the same way. He reminded me of every goofball friend I’ve ever had over the years, good hearted but a bit of a bumbler.

Without giving anything away, I will say that I enjoyed Will’s evolution and it made sense to me.

Read Lexicon. You’ll enjoy the ride, even with the bump or two it might give you.

FYI - this review was in exchange for a copy of the ebook from Netgalley.



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